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Wire Protector

Wire Protector

Model No No. of Channel Size Material
LTS‐WP‐1‐WIRE PROTECTOR 1 1000l X 220w X 30h Mm PVC
LTS‐WP‐2‐WIRE PROTECTOR 2 1000l X 250w X 50h Mm PVC
LTS‐WP‐3‐WIRE PROTECTOR 3 1000l X 300w X 50hmm PVC
LTS‐WP‐4‐WIRE PROTECTOR 3 900l X 500w X75h Mm PVC
LTS‐WP‐5‐WIRE PROTECTOR 4 900l X 500w X50h Mm PVC
LTS‐WP‐6‐WIRE PROTECTOR 5 900l X 500w X 50h Mm PVC
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